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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Love

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day and I just wanted to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! There are many ways to tell your Mom, your grandmother, or the mother of your children how much you love her and appreciate her. Whether it’s a card, some flowers, sharing a meal, or just talking on the phone if you live far away or have to work, I’m sure your Mom would be grateful. I know mine would.

I found some old Mother’s Day writings that my mother had given back to me and I had to laugh at the innocence of them. The first one was from my fourth grade class and was titled A Mother Is: thoughts by students in Grade 4 – Room 4. In our best fourth grade penmanship, we wrote out our deepest thoughts about what a Mom was to us. For those of you who know where I went to elementary school and were in my class (Ms. Silverstein), one of these just may be yours.

A mother is :
Someone who cares about you all the time – Robyn F.
Someone who buys you food and clothes – Eileen G.
A good friend – Suzanne C.
A person who doesn’t yell when you blow up the house with a chemistry set – David L.
A person who cooks your supper – Carol S.
A lovely person – Richard F.
Someone who gives you life – William D.
Care and love – Debra S.
Somebody who doesn’t yell at me when I did something wrong when I didn’t know better – Teri C.
Someone who loves you – Cindy D.
A person that teaches you how to do the right things – Ilise L.
Someone nice – Karl B.
A person you can tell secrets to – Vicki K.
Right by your side when you don’t feel so hot – Carolyn B.
Kind, gentle and sweet – Carl M.

Other than not getting yelled at when you blow up the house with a chemistry set, there’s a lot of truth in these and I’m very impressed with the sentiment of them. Of course, this was before the rebellious teenage years, so Vicki was still telling her Mom secrets instead of keeping them from her. 

You may be wondering, what about you, Joe? Where’s your brilliant writing about what a mother is? I actually had two items in this collection, but I’m slightly embarrassed to say they were not very insightful and were both about worry:

Somebody who worries about you when you go out with your girlfriend for the first time.
Somebody who worries when you sign up for the army.

Girlfriend? Somebody must have put me up to this because I have absolutely no recollection of liking girls when I was that age. Heck, I was only 10-years old in the fourth grade! All I cared about was baseball, hockey, football and any other sport or game that we could think of. I only thought about girls in relation to whether they could hit and throw the ball. The army I can understand since the Vietnam War was still going on and my oldest brother had been over there – thank God he came home alive and in one piece.

However, I did find another piece of Mother’s Day memorabilia, co-authored with my younger brother and my sister who is a year older than me. I think I redeemed myself nicely with this ode to Mom (with credit to my co-authors):

Mom, we still love you – okay? Happy Mother’s Day!

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